Well sadly, the few cards I made today are sympathy cards. 2 were for cats and 1 for a human. Now I know some of you think…it’s just an animal but being a mom to 2 furbabies…..it’s part of the family. My furbabies are a very big part of who I am. They are spoiled rotten and deserve every minute of it! So today I will share one of the cards I made for a coworker who just lost her cat. The stamp is from an old Stampin Up! set. I mean, old. It’s a multi layer set and this was my first attempt. I think it came out pretty good. The inside stamp is from Papertrey Ink-“With Sympathy”. They have some beautiful stamps and my wish list is ALWAYS long. I stamped the envelope with the same set and added lots of glitter….can one really have too much glitter??!!

And the inside…..


So its been a while…..jeez, time flies whether your having fun or not. I guess it’s true- “life happens while your busy planning it”. I did receive windows7 for Xmas and now I’m wireless….so wooohooo. No more excuses. So neglectful of my poor little blog. I must get back to it! I haven’t really made any cards lately either……can’t seem to keep up. Barely making the holiday cards…….so off I go…. stay tuned…..
until next time……happy stampin!

I’m Baaaaack!

Oh my gosh…..why does it seem so busy in the summer??  I feel like there is never enough time.  We have a beautiful day here in New England….summer is almost over.  Now don’t get cranky but I’m NOT a summer fan.  I can sense the eyes rolling….lol.  Fall is by far my favorite season, actually late fall.  Windows open, cool breeze, sweatshirt on….aaaahhh, I can almost feel it now.  That is when I feel most alive.  Don’t get me wrong…I like sun but I absolutely hate to sweat…..oh the humidity….ick.  Hate it.  I was born in August, yet it’s the month I dislike the most.  Go figure.  I was able to spend 2 glorious weeks on the ocean the beginning of August….so nice.  Now I need to get my act together and get this blog rolling…..no excuses.  Anyway, this card I made for my sweeties graduation.  He received his master’s degree from Norwich University.  The colors are cranberry and gold.  I did not purchase any magnolia’s from the graduation set so I made my own…..again using my second  favorite edwin stamp.   He’s suppose to be holding a balloon but I cut it off and attatched the diploma.

100_1842sorry for the slight blurr….I was rushing 🙂 





Until next time…..(hopefully won’t be so long…lol) happy stamping

Okay, so I’ve been a little neglectful of my blog.  Time flies, I swear.  I’m not really sure what is going on but I find it hard to find time to stamp….anyone else feeling this way??  I think I’m way more attentive in the winter…the summer, not so much.  There is so much to do and so little time to do it.  Course it could just be cuz I’m ……OLD! lol My birthday is fast approaching….yikes!  That is always the end of summer for me….most people say..”fourth of july” is the end of summer but I hang out until August…..THEN it’s over.  Course it’s been a wet summer….yup, I’m thinking of building an ark….at least the sun is shining today…..on the positive side….i had an indoor swimming pool in my basement…not sure if that would increase the value or decrease……bwahhhhahhhaaa.  Sick sense of humor I have.  The pool has since dried up…..here is a card I made for someone as a RAK…..I sent her stamped images of Edwin for her son who was in the military….so I made this card to tuck into the package.   Anyway, Edwin is colored with my copic….very patriotic I must say.  The paper is from my stash…again, bought it on sale and still love it!  I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th.  Now can we stop with the bottle rockets already??????

card for Melanie(magnolia-icious)

Oh my gosh, is it really the end of May??  I haven’t posted in almost a  month….what the heck!!  This has been a very wierd month for me….clearly.  Things at work are stressful…..cutbacks, time off without pay…blah, blah, blah.  I know, I know….welcome to reality…..but it really bites sometimes….needless to say, my mojo has taken a vacation.  I planned on doing some planting today but with a frost warning….yup…FROST!  Seriously??!!   Now I’m just keeping my eye on vacation…..2 months away…wooohooo.  Two glorious weeks at the beach….sun, sand and Corona w/lime…..yabba-dabba-doo.  So enough with the dribble already….get to the card.

Here’s Edwin…chasing his butterflies….gosh, remember doing that as a kid??  I never caught them though, I just wanted to chase them around…I was too afraid to hurt them.    I colored him with my copics.  Remember a few postings ago, I cut out a flower on the front of the card….well here’s that piece I cut out….I stamped and colored the butterflies, then I cut them out.  Edwin is mounted with foam tape to give him some dimension.   I love tourquiose and brown together.  And hey, no pink…..THAT is an accomplishment.







Until next time……happy stamping.

We all scream for ICE CREAM!  Woooohooooo!!!  My favorite dessert is ice cream…anytime, anyplace, anywhere!   Here’s a birthday card I made for my friend….course it’s a little late but you know what they say…better late than never.  The ice cream is pink for my favorite flavor….Strawberry.  I put a little sparkle on the edge, like jimmies…lol.  Course it depends what part of the country you are from….jimmies vs. sprinkles.   Man I could go for some right now!  The stamp is from C.C. Designs.  They really do make some cute, cute stamps.  I used the ice cream cone to make the background, again staying simple.   There’s a little bear in this set which I did stamp but didn’t use.  I’m leaning towards the simple today.  I’ll use the bear another time.  The inside has the little monkey….so cute.   Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend…..until next time……happy stamping.


I got a sweet envelope in the mail today…….Danni Bindel (http://dannisdreamscrafts.blogspot.com) sent me some stamped images…..SugarNellie’s that I don’t have…..oh my…..LOVE them!  Thanks Danni…..you are sweet.   Here’s one of the images she sent me….ohhhh, I couldn’t wait to color it up.  She sent them to me in the cutest card….EVAH!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Here’s my card:










And here’s a closeup of the coloring……….


Here’s Danni’s card……it’s soooo cute! Check her blog out….soooo talented!



until next time…………happy stamping!