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So this will complete my baby gifts post……here is a picture of the grouping I did with the imagine.  Did I mention I LOVE that machine.  You never run out of paper or ideas…..and to be honest, the ink lasts a long time.


I did make a diaper cake…..for those of you who don’t know what a diaper cake is…..its a cake made out of diapers (lots of diapers).  I have to say, it was alot of fun making it.  There are two ways to make it- cloth diapers and real diapers.  I used real diapers.  I don’t think my niece would be too fond of using cloth diapers.  A few cloth diapers make a great burpie cloth but you need a bunch for the cake, I think I used 60 diapers (or some crazy number like that).  So you roll the diapers and wrap with elastics (lots of elastics…lol)  Then you make it into a cake form.  I used blue ribbon and again, printed matching labels with the imagine.

Lastly, I wrapped each tier of the cake (diapers) with receiving blankets that were on her registry.  Soooo cute.

Hope you like this series and it inspires you to “think outside the box”.  Until next time……happy stampin!


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Using the imagine…….

So to continue on with my imagine posts…..the next item was made using the imagine and iron on paper……again, her theme was turtles.  So the cartridge is nursery tails.  Yup, those are onsies…..how stinkin cute is that!  I had so much fun doing this. I rolled them and put them in a plastic paint can that he can use as a bank one day.  I made labels with the same theme.   I then made a wall hanging with his name on it, the background paper has dragonflies on it (printed with the imagine).

So until next time……..happy stampin!

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Welllll, I’ve been missing in action…..bad me.  Well actually I’ve been having electronic issues for a while…..phone, laptop etc.  So I now have a brand new Iphone4 and my sweetie bought me a toshiba laptop….so this sistah is allllll hooked up.  I’ve been trying to decide if I want to continue with my blog, I feel like time is always limited.  I guess it’s true, the older you get, the faster the time slips away.  So I’m going to give it a go…..once again.  So on to the meat of it!!  My last post I was talking about the new cricut Imagine….well here’s a card I made for my niece, her theme was turtles!  I made a few things to go with the card and lets just say…..I don’t really want to see turtles for a while.  The cartridge I used was nursery tails and the paper is by bazzill.  The neat thing about the imagine is it prints and cuts, therefore, the background paper is dragonfly printed with the imagine.  How cool is that???So until next time……happy stampin!

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Well, my sweetie bought me the new cricut imagine for Xmas…..I got it in October at the launch….well, I had to try it out to make sure it works….lol  Well it is FABULOUS!!!  soooooo, I have since then purchased the new pink cricut expression and the gypsy.  I’ve had a few problems with the gypsy (sending it back as we speak) but the expression is fabulous too.  For those that don’t know….the imagine prints AND cuts out designs.  Love it!!  So since october I’ve purchased the expression, the gypsy and about 50 cartridges……have totally been addicted. (shocking, I know)    I’ve made some really neat projects using the cricut and my stamps.  This is a picture of my new imagine…..don’t ya love it!  I can’t wait to bling it up!  Everything needs a little bling…..thanks sweetie…..love you more than life =)

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